Warning Signs of Domestic Violence

Has your partner ever:
  • Hit, grabbed, strangled, bitten, burned, slapped, or pushed you?
  • Used a gun, knife, or some kind of weapon against you?
  • Hit you with some object like a bat, pan, or belt?
  • Hit, held, or squeezed you so hard that it left a bruise?
  • Threatened to hurt or to kill you, your children, or your friends?
  • Withheld money, food, medicine, or transportation from you?
  • Called you names, made you feel ashamed of yourself, or humiliated you?
  • Put you down in front of your children, your friends, or your boss?
  • Forced you to have sex when you did not want to?
  • Forced you to perform sexual acts you did not want to?
  • Destroyed or broken your possessions?
  • Threatened to harm or kill himself if you do or don't do something?
  • Abused or killed pets?
To view signs of a potentially lethal domestic violence relationship, see

Lethality Assessment Protocol