General Policies & Rules

Public Safety & Enjoyable Experiences

It is our intention for our guests to have an enjoyable experience while attending an event at the Robert J. Fischgrund Amphitheater. It is also extremely important for our guests to understand our policies exist for their safety and for the safety of others.

Items Not Permitted at Venue

The following items are not permitted to be brought onto Amphitheater grounds at any time:
  • Alcohol
  • Drugs
  • Fireworks
  • Weapons (of any type)
  • Glass Containers
  • Signs and Banners
  • Bottles
  • Balloons
  • Laser Pointers
  • Animals. (With the exception of Service dogs)

Explanation of Non-Permitted Items

  • Because we now sell Beer and Wine at the Robert J. Fischgrund Amphitheater, Indiana State Liquor Laws prohibit us from allowing anyone to bring alcohol into the facility.
  • Fireworks are not permitted for obvious safety reasons along with the fact that they cause a distraction from the performance.
  • Weapons are not permitted for obvious reasons. This includes some pocketknives and wallet chains. In addition, we cannot take the responsibility of checking these items into the guest services booth. They must either be returned to the guest's car or disposed of prior to entering the facility.
  • Glass containers of any type are not permitted for the reason that the containers may become broken or can act as projectiles and have the potential to cause serious injury to guests.
  • Signs and banners cause major sight problems for guests sitting behind them. In addition, they are flammable thus posing a threat to the safety of our guests.
  • Laser pointers can cause a serious distraction from a performance. They can also make an artist feel very uncomfortable due to the fact that some firearms use lasers as sights.
  • Animals can be unpredictable and may cause harm to other guests. Therefore they are not permitted in the facility or parking lots, with the exception of service dogs.
  • Cameras and Recorders may not be allowed into the facility because of contractual agreements between the artists and the facility or promoter. Sometimes, artists will permit small non-professional cameras (typically cameras without a detachable lens are considered non-professional) or recorders inside the facility.
  • Umbrellas can cause major visual problems for anyone sitting behind one. The determination of whether or not umbrellas are permitted is done on a show-by-show basis depending on several factors including but not limited to; expected attendance, audience demographics and weather forecast for a given night.

General Policies

  • No throwing of any objects in or near the general seating area. No signs, flags, or banners. Use of restrooms in designated facilities only. No resale of tickets on Amphitheater grounds. No Re-Entry. No Tailgating. No open alcoholic beverages in the parking lots. No solicitation of any kind on Amphitheater grounds. No open fires. No physical abuse of any kind (fighting). No smoking in or around the seating area.
  • Guests who exhibit a hostile attitude and or are visibly intoxicated may be refused admittance to events.
  • Upon entering the facility, our guests may be subject to a search. This inspection may include searching of coolers for glass containers or alcohol. Guests have the right to refuse a search, however, guest may be denied entry to the facility.

Explanation of General Policies

  • St. Joseph County Parks are smoke-free. Smoking is not permitted on any St. Joseph County Park property by County Ordinance Number 04-06.
  • Re-Entry to the facility is not permitted in an effort to curtail drinking and tailgating in the parking lots. If a guest must leave and come back for any reason they must have the ticket gate supervisor's permission and a mark on their ticket.
  • Guests are encouraged to enter the facility as soon as the gates are open. Tailgating can be dangerous to arriving guests and their vehicles while also severely disrupting traffic flow patterns. Therefore, it is not permitted on our property.
  • Open Alcoholic Beverages are not permitted in our parking lots by state law. This policy will be strongly enforced by the management of Robert J. Fischgrund Amphitheater and state and local authorities.
  • Vending of merchandise is not permitted on the property of Robert J. Fischgrund Amphitheater unless performed by one of our licensed vendors inside the facility.
  • The distribution of flyers must be approved by the management of Robert J. Fischgrund Amphitheater.
  • Throwing of objects is not permitted for obvious safety reasons.
  • Open fires in the parking lot or in the facility will not be permitted, as they can be very dangerous to guests and very harmful to the facility.
  • No standing or sitting in aisle ways. No standing or sitting at the entrances to the seating areas or ticket gates.
  • Robert J. Fischgrund Amphitheater has a disabled parking section located in close proximity to the main gate. The appropriate credentials or verbal communication between the guest and parking attendant will suffice in gaining access to the disabled parking area.