Protective Orders

If you are a victim of domestic or sexual violence, or believe your child/children are in danger of being harmed by someone you know, you can apply for a protective order. In St. Joseph County, you can apply several places.  

Protective Order Forms

To access protective order forms, visit the Indiana Courts Protective Order page.

Protective Order Requirements:
  • You must be 18 years of age to file a protective order. If either the petitioner or the respondent is under the age of 18, the protective order must be filed in the parent’s name for the minor.   
  • A Protective order must be filed through your dissolution if the dissolution has already been filed. 
  • Protective orders require the address of the respondent (person you are filing against). If known, we also need their Social Security number and date of birth. You will be asked to state on the petition what happened and why are in need of it. You will also need the dates of birth of all individuals listed for protection.
  • The order must be approved by a Judge. There will be a hearing date. There is no fee for a protective order.

Indiana State Court Administration

For more information please go to the Indiana State Court Administration website