Home Detention

The concept of Home Detention or House Arrest has been around since ancient times.  In the past, it was used as a way to confine individuals who were considered too influential or too powerful to be placed in a prison setting.  In modern times, home detention was more widely used as prison populations began to soar.  In the 1960’s, Robert and Kirk Gable created the first electronic monitoring equipment.   Since that time, there has been many advancements in electronic monitoring equipment which has made home detention a more acceptable option for some felony offenders.

Home Detention in St. Joseph County was established in July of 1990.  This component serves male and female clients in a “house arrest” environment.  Clients are required to wear and maintain electronic monitoring equipment and meet with a case manager regularly.  Clients sentenced to this component may be required to attend any programming determined to be necessary and are monitored 24/7.  This component is most appropriate for moderate to low risk felony clients.

 Note: SJCCC has four types of electronic monitoring units that can monitor clients:

  1. Electronic Monitoring through AT&T Landline (Analog).
  2. Electronic Monitor Cellular Unit which does not require a home phone line.
  3. Transdermal Alcohol Device (TAD) unit, which monitors client alcohol intake.
  4. Global Positioning System (GPS) Monitoring which tracks client whereabouts and locations 24hrs a day 7 days a week.