About Us


The mission of St. Joseph County Community Corrections-DuComb Center is to enhance public safety through effective supervision.

Our Purpose

Incarceration is a costly endeavor for the state of Indiana, averaging close to $53 per day for an adult inmate incarcerated in the Department of Corrections. In addition to the high cost for traditional incarceration, the state has a limited number of prison beds available which makes traditional incarceration for less dangerous offenders a costly burden. The local jail's rated capacity is 829 and with HB 1006, Level 6 felons can no longer serve time in prison. In 2020 the estimated cost savings for the IDOC to divert F6 offenders to St. Joseph County was approximately $2.8 Million. St. Joseph County Community Corrections - DuComb Center has the tools to provide evidence-based community supervision programs that will enhance public safety and reduce recidivism.

Established in 1982, St. Joseph County Community Corrections - DuComb Center was one of the first work release facilities in the state of Indiana. DuComb Center is a community-based residential correctional facility located near the South Bend International Airport. Funded through the Indiana Department of Corrections, St. Joseph County and client user fees, DuComb Center serves as an alternative to traditional incarceration.

DuComb Center supervises over 600 clients each year.  These clients are offered extensive evidenced based program options tailored to their assessed needs. Clients who are supervised through DuComb Center receive individualized treatment plans designed to guide their success from sentencing through release and reduce their chances of re-incarceration.