Sheltering Tips

There are several things that you can do to ensure optimized protection and safety during a disaster. 

What to DO
What to AVOID
  • DO choose locations that do not contain dangerous debris. Dangerous debris may include:
    • Book Shelves
    • File Cabinets
    • Glass and/or breakable objects
    • Items not anchored down
    • Lockers
    • Paper cutters
    • Vending machines
  • DO choose locations that exist in the interior of the building
  • DO choose locations that have NO windows
  • DO choose locations that have supported walls and ceilings
  • DO put as many walls between you and the storm as possible
    • Interior rooms on the ground floor are OK if no below ground rooms exist.
    • Rooms below ground level are preferred

  • AVOID areas that are difficult to access by individuals with special physical needs
  • AVOID areas that are exposed to the outside
  • AVOID rooms that are routinely locked
  • AVOID rooms or closets that are full of debris, hazardous chemicals, or utilities
  • AVOID rooms that are large with high ceilings
  • AVOID rooms with glass windows, trophy cases or skylights