Community Transition Program

Program participants are assigned a JCCP Case Manager who monitors them while they are in the Indiana Department of Correction (IDOC) and coordinates matters with IDOC staff and the youth's parent if the intent is to send the child home upon discharge.  Therapy, when necessary, and additional case management / mentoring are also provided by a private mental health services provider.  Counseling staff work directly with youth upon their discharge getting the youth placed into a job or school.  Counseling services staff begin working with parents approximately 30 days prior to the youth's discharge from IDOC.  JCCP Case Managers provide oversight of the case and monitor the child's mandatory term of Home Detention.  When risk demands it, the youth will be placed on a GPS monitor to ensure their compliance with probation conditions.  The youth may also be required to participate in Day Reporting programming as a response to further delinquent activity or maladaptive behavior.  The Community Transition Program is designed to last for 60 days.  During that time the participant will complete a minimum of 2 Carey Guides, participate in interactive journaling (re-entry journal from the Change Companies), and meet with the JCCP Case Manager at least one time per week.  They are also under the Home Detention requirements for the 60 days they are in CTP and start off with Trust House Arrest unless there is an over-ride causing their immediate placement on GPS.  With placement on Home Detention comes the requirement that youth receive random Community Accountability Visits (CAV) after normal business hours.  Random and regular drug testing is done as well.  There are no fees for CTP.