Day Reporting Program

The Day Reporting Program is a family-focused program that provides educational services and activities designed to reduce their criminogenic characteristics.  This program provides the opportunity to divert juveniles from placement in the Indiana Department of Correction or other out-of-home, restrictive setting.  We accept both male and female youth who present at medium to high risk based on an actuarial assessment.  Low risk offenders are excluded. Day Reporting is not available to sex offenders- those clients receive specialized treatment by other means.  In general, youth in Day Reporting are identified as having been involved with the juvenile justice system for an extended period of time or they have several adjudications on their record.  The youth are also identified as having skill deficits and will generally score high on the Indiana Youth Assessment System (hereafter IYAS) in the following domains:  Antisocial Cognition, Antisocial Personality and Antisocial Associates.

The Day Reporting Program provides services to juveniles who need increased supervision while on probation.  It is designed to assist and support each juvenile in satisfying their conditions of probation and to assist parents/guardians in providing the appropriate structure, supervision, and support for the juvenile under court supervision.

Program participants attend activities and classes at least three days each week and sometimes as many as five days each week from 4:00 P.M. to 5:30 P.M.  Activities may consist of educational groups, field trips and physical activities.