Felony Pretrial Diversion

The St. Joseph County Prosecutor’s Office and the Indiana Department of Correction have joined forces to initiate a program that couples accountability with rehabilitation.
Entitled "Felony Pretrial Diversion," this Program targets those individuals who have been charged with low level (Level 5 and 6), non-violent felony offenses.  Those who qualify for the Felony Pretrial Diversion Program will be required to participate in a variety of programs, including, but not limited to: 
-periodic drug screenings;
-community service;
-employment placement/training;
-enrollment into
counseling services;
-mental health & substance abuse evaluations and treatment;
-financial literacy courses;
-educational programming (including adult education classes as well as obtaining a high school diploma or G.E.D., or job specific training)*

With close monitoring by the St. Joseph County Prosecutor's Office Pretrial Diversion Section, offenders who successfully complete the Program will have their felony charges either dismissed or reduced after a period of approximately 18 months. Utilizing
coordination and involvement with multiple agencies and service providers in our community, this program will help those charged with a felony have the ability to regain their standing in society and offers a second chance to atone for their acts.

*The St. Joseph County Prosecutor's Office Pretrial Diversion Section will work to tailor each individual's specific program based upon their needs.


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