Can I put in my own septic system? I ran a backhoe once and my buddy has one he says I can use.

Because of past negative experiences, both for us and the unfortunate homeowners, we recommend that you leave septic system design and installation to the professionals. The Department of Health maintains a list of registered septic installers for you to choose from. However, if you want to pursue your own installation, please be aware of the following: 

 The septic application and associated paperwork, while as straightforward as possible, will not be familiar to you, and incorrect submittal of paperwork often delays permit approval. 

 The Department of Health cannot design the system for you. Rule 410 IAC 6-8.3, Residential Sewage Disposal Systems, and County Code 51, will be provided to you for standards of installation and design. 

 You must submit plans with detail and accuracy showing how you are going to meet minimum specifications. 

 A homeowner design is seldom of sufficient clarity, accuracy, and completeness to receive approval on the first submission. 

 A pre-construction conference is required prior to installation of the system. 

 Many times, space is limited for system repair, and an installation mistake could damage the site beyond use. 

 You must do the work yourself. 

 The Department of Health will inspect your system and require corrections if it is not installed correctly.

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