Epidemiology & Emergency Preparedness

The Epidemiology and Emergency Preparedness Division exists to prepare the St. Joseph County Department of Health to respond in a public health emergency or disaster in order to achieve optimal public health outcomes for our community. The Epidemiology and Emergency Preparedness Division provides support to other Divisions within the Department of Health in the investigation and surveillance of communicable disease and public health threats. County data reports are also compiled by this Division.

Epidemiology is the study of the distribution and determinants of diseases and injuries in human populations. It provides the foundation of public health by improving our understanding of the natural history and etiology of disease, and provides a basis for interventions to address health outcomes.

Community Planning & Emergency Preparedness

The Division recognizes the value of community planning and a holistic approach to emergency planning. Involving mental health professionals, clergy, community leaders and other influential groups will provide the most comprehensive and unified response. This comprehensive response can then ensure greater public health outcomes following a large scale emergency. The Epidemiology and Emergency Preparedness Division seeks to build new relationships with community leaders who have an interest in public health emergency preparedness.

Tabletop Materials for Community and Faith-based Organizations

The following materials were designed to be used by organizations to test their level of preparedness: