Oaklawn Case-Manager's COVID-19 On-Site Visits

Portage Manor Indoor Case Manager Face to Face Visitation 

Portage Manor will begin limited Case Manager indoor visits, if certain facility and community conditions exist   The guidance followed pertains to all long-term care facilities licensed by ISDH- nursing homes and residential care facilities, or licensed assisted living and has been interpreted for implemented as follows. 

Indoor Case Management Visits at Portage Manor: 

  • Case Manager are required to check in , have their temperature taken (will not be admitted if they have a fever), complete the questionnaire, and follow all guidance from the Indiana State Department of Health.  Wear a mask at all times in the building. Use proper hand hygiene. 

  • Visitation will be inside at a designated place.

  • To be organized and efficient you will need to set up an appointment/schedule. Please  complete schedule in a timely manner. Forward the schedule to the facility Unit Coordinator, LaToya Haynes at lhaynes@sjcinidiana.com and the  Director of Nursing Kris Borkowski at kborkowski@sjcindiana.com. 

  • No food or beverages are allowed in the chapel.

Portage Manor Facility Criteria:  

  • There must be no new COVID cases that originated within the facility, including those involving residents or staff, within the last 14 days. New COVID admissions to a facility would not constitute a facility-onset COVID case.  

  • Adequate staff must be present to allow for personnel to help with the locating of residents and monitoring of visitation. 

  • Facilities may establish additional guidelines as needed to ensure the safety of visitations and their facility’s operations. 

Portage Manor Facility Protocol: 

  • Resident case managers must be screened for signs and symptoms of COVID.  

  • Areas where case manager and residents sit must be wiped down between visitations using an approved antiviral disinfectant per St. Joseph County Health Department. 

  • There must be adequate PPE to permit residents, if they are able to comply, to wear a face mask during visitation.  

  • Case Manager must appropriately wear a face covering at all times.   

  • Indoor visitation spaces must allow appropriate social distancing of at least 6 feet between case manager and resident.  

  • Residents will wear a face mask while visiting with casemanagers.  

  • Facilities must provide alcohol-based hand rub to case manager visiting residents and demonstrate how to use it appropriately if necessary.  

  • Facilities may establish additional guidelines as needed to ensure the safety of visitations and their facility’s operations. 

Resident Criteria: 

       Resident indoor visitation should be prioritized for the following: 

  • Residents must have the ability to safely transition from their room to an indoor visitation location.  

  • All residents are required to wear a face mask during visitation.  

  • Prioritization for visitation should be for residents expressing feelings of loneliness. Loneliness can have deleterious consequences, including risk of depression, suicidal thoughts, aggressive behaviors, and anxiety.  

  • Case Manager Criteria:  

    (visitation would be restricted to only those case managers who meet the following criteria) 

    • Must wear a face mask during the entire visit. Ensure proper use.  Must cover nose and mouth at all times.  Do not touch outside of mask.  If you touch outside of mask you need to stop and perform hand hygiene. 

    • Must use alcohol-based hand rub before and after visitation.  

    • Must stay in designated facility locations. Chapel and restrooms only!  You will have to leave the facility for lunch break.  

    • Must sign in, answer question, have temperature taken, and provide contact information. 

    • Must not have signs or symptoms of COVID-19; visitors must also attest to their COVID status ( testing results) and if they have had COVID-19, they must provide documentation (e.g., doctor’s note) that they no longer meet CDC criteria for transmission-based precautions. 

    • Case Managers may not provide food and/or beverage to the resident during indoor visitation. 

    • At this time we can safely accommodate three (3) case-managers in the facility’s chapel for indoor visits.