2019 Leaf Pick-Up

The 2019 Limited Leaf Pick-up Program will begin on Monday, October 28, 2019.  Crews will begin in Madison Township and work clockwise around the county. Every resident will receive two (2) passes. No pre-registration is needed. 

The second pass will begin no earlier than November 4, 2019, following the same schedule as the first pass. 

For each pass, residents must rake their leaves within five (5) feet of the curb. Leaf piles cannot contain sticks or other yard waste. Leaves CANNOT be dropped off at any county location and will only be collected from the curb in front of a residence. For more information regarding program rules, please visit www.sjclp.com.    

Residents needing to report a missed leaf collection, should complete a “Missed Leaf Collection” form located under the “Contact Us” tab on www.sjclp.com.  Residents may also call 574-235-9534. 

Residents who have received a door hanger explaining a leaf pile non-conformance issue should also complete the “Missed Leaf Collection” form as soon as the issue with the leaf pile has been corrected and within 24-hours of receiving the door hanger.   

leaf picture

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