Poll Worker Information

want to be a poll worker

To guarantee your appointment to a specific location, please contact your preferred political party. Indiana code guarantees the two major political parties the right to appoint poll workers to each Election Day location. After a statutory deadline in October, the Election Board is permitted to assign workers to fill any existing vacancies. Your application on this site will identify you as available to work, and available for appointment by the Election Board. 

To qualify as a poll worker, you must: 

  1. Be a registered voter in St. Joseph County. (exception: high school students)

  2. Attend training provided by the Election Board.

  3. Work the entire day from 5am until tear down after the last voter has voted. 

  4. Have access to your own transportation. 

Sign up to serve as poll worker by filling out our online Poll Worker Volunteer Form.

Are you a high school student? Download this Student Poll Worker form and submit it to voter@sjcindiana.com