Assessment Neighborhood Map

General Information

The interactive map is designed to provide Taxing Neighborhood information for the properties within St Joseph County. The map also includes information such as street names, parcel boundaries, and city boundaries. Once the map has been zoomed in, you can click on nearby parcels to obtain their information.

Property Search by Tax ID

  1. Open the magnifying glass icon. 
  2. Searching by address will auto fill.
  3. The best way to search is by the county tax identifier (example: 018-3006-0174). Use the drop down arrow next to the search box that appears to select Parcel. 
  4. Enter the tax ID in the search box.
  5. Use the magnifying glass. The search will zoom to the property. Each property’s neighborhood will be displayed, and property use is color coded according to the legend.

Property Record Card Search

  1. Follow the steps above. 
  2. On the right, where the legend is, you will select the layers icon. 
  3. Mark the check box next to Parcel.
  4. On the map, select the parcel.
  5. Where the information window says Property Record Card, select More Info to view a PDF of the Property Record Card.